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Ancient history provides records that Sparta was a metropolis in southern Greece. The Spartans were a proud people with high moral values, courage, discipline, simplicity and strength. In modern times, the Spartans organization began in 1962, and was known as the Crescent Springs Knights. The founding fathers were Roger Nolting and Tom ''Red'' Richardson. In 1967, the program joined the Northern Kentucky Youth Football League; the following season we officially became the Fort Mitchell Spartans.

During our early years, the program was represented by the boy’s Senior team. In 1973 a Cheerleading Squad was added; and in 1974 the program's growth included a Junior and Midget team. In 1982, the Starter program completed our organization. Finally, in 1998 the Spartans incorporated and our name was changed to Spartan Athletic and Youth Program, Inc.

Throughout the years, our coaching staff has included many individuals who volunteered their time and efforts to make our program what it is today. Along with the founding fathers our program has prospered with the dedication of men such as Wayne Slusher, Jay Leftin, Darell Newton, Al Meyer, Bob Bacigalupo, John Cruse, Bob Odom, Mike Rorer, and Boone Jansen.

Along with the hallmarks of the ancient Spartan culture, our program also promotes sportsmanship and hard work as cornerstone of success. Football is a game of contact, Spartans are aggressive in their contact, but they are also taught sportsmanship; the players are taught to be fair and courteous in play and accepting whatever the results may be. A great program does not just happen, hard work by players, coaches and parents make it happen. Five minutes at a Spartans' practice session will show the dedication and hard work.

Since 1972, the Spartans have been crowned Super Bowl Champions 27 times, but winning is not the foundation of our program.

Our program is dedicated to the mental, physical and civic growth and development of young boys and girls into adults with a sense of pride and good moral character. After completing the Spartan program, our athletes have continued their academic and sports accomplishments at Beechwood, Covington Catholic and Dixie Heights High Schools. Several have participated at the college level; Don Duckworth and Chris Derry at Kentucky, Tim Odom at Ohio State, Ron Davis at Clemson, Jeff Lemker at San Diego State, Mike Coyne at Georgetown, and Mark Pike at Georgia Tech; who later went on to the NFL with the Buffalo Bills.